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Tracking a flavor of Debian distribution

Depending on your preference for a flavor of Debian to track, you can change the sample /etc/apt/preferences in Установка системы APT - нет перевода!!!!, раздел 6.2.2

to fit your needs:

track stable: change Pin-Priority of testing to 50 track testing: keep settings as shown above track testing(unstable): change Pin-Priority of unstable to 500 track unstable(testing): change Pin-Priority of unstable to 800

A guideline for the choice of Pin-Priority is to move from the top to bottom in the above table as the time moves from a time immediately after a distribution release to a time of freeze for the next release.

Caution: tracking the testing flavor of Debian has a side effect of providing very slow security fixes.

If you mix flavors of Debian, testing with stable or unstable with stable, you will be likely to pull in unintentionally key packages from testing or unstable

that may be buggy. So be warned.

Examples of /etc/apt/preferences which lock some key packages to the more mature version while tracking the less mature version for other nonessential packages are available in the examples subdirectory as preferences.testing and preferences.unstable. On the other hand, preferences.stable forces all packages to be downgraded to stable.

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